Lapis and Sapphire Power Ring

hand made mens lapis signet ring
hand made mens lapis signet ringLapis Lazuli and Montana Sapphire in a hand made sterling silver ringLapis Lazuli and Montana Sapphire in a hand made sterling silver ring
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Lapis Lazuli
Cut type: 
Free Form
Ring Size: 
Sterling Silver

Natural Lapis with 2 Sapphires.

These aqua colored sapphires were dug up in Montana at least 30 years ago by my grandparents.  I recently stubmpled upon a canister of rough sapphires at their house and had them faceted.  These are two of the stones.

The sapphires are all natural, no treatment of any kind (Rare for sapphire).  Each one is about 3mm in diameter.

The Lapis is from Afganistan, reknown for producing some of the worlds best and brightest lapis with the best true blue color.

The ring is all hand made, solid sterling silver. Measures about 6mm wide and is very comfortable.


The STORY behind these stones:

Usually it is hard to know the history behind gemstones.  But in this case I know the exact person that dug them out of the ground, and I trust them.  It was my Grandma and Grandpa.  They were avid rock collectors and one of their trips included a trip to Montana, probably 30 years ago, where they were able to collect a small handful of the loose rough sapphire pebbles.

While helping them to clean out their garage a few months ago, I happened upon a small pill jar that had a small collection of transparent pebbles and when I asked my grandma about them, she confirmed that they were rough Montana sapphire that she and my grandpa had dug up many years ago.  She gave them to me to use as I wanted and so I had them all faceted into small round gemstones.  Thus they have no treatments of any kind and have only changed hands once before hitting the market.  In the world of gemstones, it does not get much more fair trade than that.

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