• TV Spot on Local Channel 3 News KEYT

    We put a lot of energy into our rock collection and each year, we host two gallery shows, each one with a theme. We do an Opal Collection Show each Fall, through the winder, and an ever changing show each spring and summer. This year our spring show was “Odd & Interesting Gemstones” Which got me an interview on the local news!

  • Video Interview with Customer about Custom Ring

    Video Interview with Customer for a set of knotwork rings using a sapphire and Diamond. One of the first jobs I performed through this venue.

  • Making of a Turquoise Ring - Rock and Gem Feature Article

    This is the full length article that I wrote and was honored to have published in Rock & Gem Magazine in the February 2011 Issue.  This online version features the full text and 50 photographs.

  • Our Oregon Sunstone Mining Trip

    In early 2011, Shasta and I braved the remote mines of Eastern Oregon, eager to try our luck digging for Oregon Schiller Sunstones.  Read about our adventure here! This article was also published in Rock & Gem Magazine in their June 2011 Issue.